2007 diesel taupe Kia Sportage automatic $17500; 64,000 km
(On crautos, there is a 2008 but with manual transmission selling for over 19k. We get excellent gas mileage on this car. We bought it a few months ago from San Jose when we thought we were staying longer, so it has barely been driven on the bumpy Nosara roads. We fill it up about once every 2.5-3 weeks for $60. We bought two brand new front tires for $400, and the back tires have at least two more years).
1993 gasoline blue Pathfinder $5000 automatic; 112,000 mi
(Our car looks very similar to the 1993 pathfinders on crautos).
Double Bob Revolution Stroller $475 obo
We bought this brand new for over $700 with tax - right before we moved to Nosara last September 2010. It's in great condition, and is perfect for these bumpy roads or beach walking during low tide.
3 surfboards
8'10'' beginner board $200
7'10'' beginner board $125
6'2'' Channel Islands $300
We are leaving Nosara within a couple weeks and would like to sell these items soon. Our number is 2682 - 0177 or 8737-4738. Call us if you want to take a look at any of these items. I tried to put links for the first three items, but the form wouldn't let me do that. Go to Crautos(dot)com and search for our car year to look for pricing. Thanks!