Help BarriGuiones make Playa Guiones even Greener!

Help BarriGuiones make Playa Guiones even Greener!

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Help BarriGuiones make Playa Guiones even Greener!

Almost 31% of the land area on our planet is a forest. It produces vital oxygen, food, fresh water, and shelter for people and wildlife. Forests also play a critical role in and contribute to ongoing changes in climate patterns. However, forests around the world are under threat from deforestation. This impacts people’s livelihoods and threatens a wide range of plant and animal species. We’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests per year!

Luckily, there are organizations that do not want to wait until it is too late and do want to make a change! One of these organizations is Costas Verdes, a non-profit association, created with the objective of helping to conserve and restore coastal disturbed ecosystems in Costa Rica.

After a couple of successful years in other places, their project at Playa Guiones, which is part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, was named BarriGuiones. Which is a fusion of terms between Ceibo Barrigón, an emblematic tree species of the area, and Guiones, our beach.

Since the start in 2011 over 6,500 trees have been planted, 20 different species of native trees have been chosen to restore the forest near the beach. Over 4 acres are restored with native species in BarriGuiones projects.

Costas Verdes believes that the active participation of local communities in these activities and environmental education is urgent in these processes. Surfing Nosara is a long time sponsor of the program and very much support the BarriGuiones projects however we can. A couple of weeks ago, Surfing Nosara, friends, and family, along with several local businesses and children from local schools, had the pleasure of learning about and planting approximately 200 trees by the beach in Guiones.

With our hands in the nourishing dirt, planting trees, surrounded by the sound of birds chirping, waves breaking on the shore, sunshine and an ocean breeze on our face, we could not feel more connected to mother nature. This was a truly incredible experience

We can’t thank the entire Costas Verdes organization enough bringing the forest back to our ocean in Costa Rica. We would like to thank BarriGuiones in particular for everything they do for our community! And, we would love to invite everyone to get involved and experience the tree planting with the BarriGuiones projects. Whether you are a Nosara visitor, business, or want to support from afar, all support is more than welcome and encouraged.

Big shouts out & many thanks to everyone who volunteered together with us. You guys are all awesome and we are proud to be able to help this beautiful community become even more nature infused. Many thanks to Brayan Briones Espinoza & Chico Lopez for the photos and upcoming video!

Pura Vida!

Ps. Would you like to know more about Costas Verdes & the BarriGuiones project, check out their website, Facebook page or email Gerardo at gerardo.bolanos @

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