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Casa Romantica Beachfront Resort - Nosara, Costa Rica

USD $60 to $90 per night

Casa Romantica is an aptly-named restaurant, as they have both a small hotel on the grounds and provide romance for all who visit.  Plan a date night for your special someone and take a trip to Casa Romantica in the third loop of Guiones – the married members of the Surfing Nosara family know that some heartfelt holidays must always be spent in the cozy confines of the house of romance.

The service is excellent at Casa Romantica, as are the stuffed chicken dishes.  Lomito steak dishes here are also among the best in town, and most dinners are in the ten to twenty dollar range.  As is the case with any date night favorite, the wine list is extensive and thoughtfully prepared.  The quieter third loop of Guiones, also known as the G and H sections, is represented well by the quality of the restaurants located there.  A visit to Casa Romantica, tucked away next to the Frog Pad, is a Surfing Nosara-endorsed priority if your trip or stay here coincides with a night of chance and romance.