La Luna Restaurant

La Luna may be one of the finer places to witness a brilliant Nosara sunset in all of Costa Rica. The restaurant sits perched on a slice of beach that frames the slowly descending red-orange sun within a host of tropical trees, making for one of the most picture-perfect opportunities to capture the essence of a relaxing Nosara trip. La Luna isn’t even really in Nosara proper – it is on the beach in Pelada – but it remains a Surfing Nosara top choice for beautiful and sanguine tranquility.

The restaurant at La Luna is a nice setup, built so that the outdoor tables all have an excellent view of the crashing waves. Friendly waiters and a full bar ensure that your evenings watching the sunset won’t be spent without all of the liquid refreshments you could possibly want. Appetizers at La Luna run about six to nine dollars and include fried calamari with an excellent dill sauce and a host of salads. The beet salad is a tasty divergence from the expected Nosara fare and features pineapple and shredded beets arranged on a bed of iceberg lettuce with a sweet dressing. La Luna isn’t afraid to prepare their food a little differently than most restaurants in the Nosara area, and is one of the gems of Pelada.

Dinner plates are priced from ten to seventeen dollars and feature seafood. Dorado, red snapper and jumbo shrimp are all served with coconut rice and organic veggies for about twelve dollars. The blackened chicken dinner is about ten dollars, and the steak offering sits at the high end of the price scale. Drinks at the bar include wine and cocktails and usually run about six dollars. La Luna is in Pelada and sits a short drive from Guiones and the Surfing Nosara office, but once you witness a beautiful sunsets there it is never too far from your mind’s eye.