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Marlin Bill's Restaurant in Nosara, Costa Rica at Guiones

Marlin Bill's Restaurant is right along the main road in downtown Guiones, but it feels like it could be in Clearwater or along the California coast. Of course, this is not an insult – Marlin Bill's brings a familiar American vibe to the Nosara area, and it is a very popular spot in town. If you are looking for comfort food and great service in Costa Rica, Surfing Nosara says come to Marlin Bill’s restaurant in Guiones.

At most places here in the Nosara area, restaurants operate on a different timetable than most gringos are used to from back home. Things just move a little slower. Marlin Bill's is an exception to that Costa Rican rule. The cheerful and smiling waitress is ready to take your order fast, and she is quick with the refills – I got three refills of my ice water where most places barely give you a single glass. A meal at Marlin Bill's will never disappoint, and friendly smiling faces are always welcome in Guiones.

The food is up quick and tastes great, and for this reason Surfing Nosara recommends Marlin Bill's to families visiting from the States and people looking for that familiar restaurant feel. Favorites of ours are the Steak or Chicken Jalapeno dinners, and the Jalapeno burger too – Marlin Bill's knows how to serve spicy meals that tickle the taste buds just right. The fried chicken sandwich is great as well, and rave reviews have come in for the tuna melt. Marlin Bill's is an excellent place to grab a great sandwich at a good price for lunch or dinner.

The food is immediately recognizable too, with blackened snapper sandwiches and burgers at lunch for about seven or eight dollars. They come with coleslaw, and fries are about a dollar extra. Dinners run from eight dollars to a little over twenty for the big Porterhouse and T-bone steaks. Marlin Bill's runs drink specials and has live music on Saturday nights, but Surfing Nosara crew and visitors alike both love Marlin Bill's for being a familiar face in the tropical Guiones wilderness.