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Rosi's Soda Guiones Costa Rica Restaurant

Everything seems to change so fast in our sped-up societies that we have a hard time remembering what it felt like to live just a little bit slower. Even in tropical Nosara, deep in the Pacific jungles of Costa Rica, the days pile up and make the hours fall faster down a steeper hill built on business and big plans. It is for this reason that Surfing Nosara wants to bring the world a little slice of the pura vida that Costa Rica and Nosara have always been known for – and there is no better place to feel a warm breeze of slow, good living than at Rosi's.

Rosi's Soda Tica is run by a true tica cook, and Rosie prepares every meal right in front of you in an open kitchen right in downtown Guiones. Surfing Nosara recommends pretty much everything on the menu here, because Rosi serves up the freshest traditional Costa Rica lunches, dinners and breakfasts you will find anywhere in the Nosara area and beyond. Undisputed, hands-down champion of the breakfast table are the banana pancakes, and if you don’t get them at least once you may not be allowed back into the country. Rosi always offers an easy smile and a casado – a meal with black beans, rice, chopped salad and your choice of meat – for less than four dollars. Another Nosara preferred choice for lunch or dinner is the three dollar fresh salad with grilled chicken – and don’t forget to add plenty of the special salad dressing Rosie provides free for every table. Other Surfing Nosara favorites are the Juevos Rancheros for breakfast and any of the fish meals Rosi serves up with a touch of love. Honestly, nobody has ever had a bad meal at Rosi's.

Rosi's is one of the more inexpensive places to eat in the whole Nosara area, and her prices are in line with the rest of Costa Rica. The tastes are, too – traditional flavors and smells that are at home in the kitchens and sodas all across Costa Rica. The girls at Rosi's also don’t just bring you a check like back in the USA – you have to ask for your bill. Rosi believes in not rushing the eating experience, and her traditional ways make for a tasty and dependable meal in the heart of the Nosara area.

Costa Rica can’t escape the rush of time and progress, but in Nosara and for us at Surfing Nosara we will always strive to grab a hold of what is good about our world and keep it close to our hearts. Rosi's is one of those valuable places, and she will be serving up the most affordable and freshest Costa Rican food for anyone who can make their way down to tropical Nosara.

No trip to Costa Rica or to Nosara can be complete without a meal (or a few meals) in the open-air atmosphere at Rosi’s – a Surfing Nosara favorite in Costa Rica since anybody can remember.