From fresh local cuisine to fine dining there's options to suit every palette in Nosara, and it's attracted some great chefs. We visited every restaurant and reviewed them for you below.
Harmony Restaurant
The Harmony Hotel is an excellent dining option as well as a beautiful place to lay your head in Guiones. While most of the Nosara area – and Guiones especially – stands out from the rest of Costa Rica with a wealth of diverse dining options.
Beach Dog Cafe - Nosara, Costa Rica
While the Nosara area boasts good waves, a healthy tropical vibe and tons of dining options, this small and close-knit beach community definitely was missing something. Visitors flock to see the beautiful beach atmosphere and hang with howler monkeys.
Robin's Café Restaurant and Ice Cream in Guiones
Robin's Café is one of the closest restaurants to our office here at Surfing Nosara, and it is always humming with activity. Most days Robin is there to greet you with a smile and a conversation, and her café is one of the places everybody has to visit.
Marlin Bill's Restaurant in Nosara, Costa Rica at Guiones
Marlin Bill's Restaurant is right along the main road in downtown Guiones, but it feels like it could be in Clearwater or along the California coast. Of course, this is not an insult – Marlin Bill's brings a familiar American vibe to the Nosara.
Rosi's Soda Guiones Costa Rica Restaurant
Everything seems to change so fast in our sped-up societies that we have a hard time remembering what it felt like to live just a little bit slower. Even in tropical Nosara, deep in the Pacific jungles of Costa Rica...
La Luna Restaurant
La Luna may be one of the finer places to witness a brilliant Nosara sunset in all of Costa Rica. The restaurant sits perched on a slice of beach that frames the slowly descending red-orange sun within a host of tropical trees, making it picture perfect.
El Manglar Restaurant at Olas Verdes Hotel
Experience authentic Costa Rican hospitality and fresh local, organic ingredients from the El Manglar restaurant. Conveniently located at Olas Verdes Hotel, El Manglar Restaurant offers a variety of fresh and healthy dishes at reasonable prices.
Tibidabo, a Mediterranean-influenced restaurant named after Tibidabo Mountain, which overlooks Barcelona – Luis' (owner) hometown. The restaurant has beautiful architecture and a welcoming layout. The menu offers more than twenty delicious tapas.
Burgers And Beers
Burgers and Beers is definitely a must stop while you are in town! To give you and idea: they use Angus beef, potato based bread, and when available fresh organic vegetables. They offer a delicious portobello mushroom burger for the vegetarians and a locally caught fish sandwich (Rich's and Mariju's favorite).