How is your property valuation determined?

There are many factors which combine to determine the current value of your property. Location, size, age, style and amenities all play a role.  Additionally there are many outside factors which affect the value of your home and, these outside influences are always in a constant state of change. Global economy, market conditions in the countries of potential buyers, and seasonality of the business will also need to be factored in to determine value. Our team of professionals has over a century of experience in tracking buyer trends, monitoring influencing factors and, a deep local knowledge of the current market. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to be aware of, and stay ahead of, market conditions and trends. We believe a valuation should be more than just an opinion. We conduct market research and track activity in order to provide you with a valuation supported by facts and numbers.

If you’re thinking of selling or, if you just want to stay abreast of the market and know what impact current conditions are having on the value of your home, please reach out to be connected with a member of our knowledgeable and professional team.

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