Nosara now 1 Hour Closer to San Jose!

I have now enjoyed a full 4 years in Nosara... can't believe it has gone so fast. And in the last four years there have been a number of small upgrades in infrastructure that have made life a bit easier here in the jungle. A couple include that Nosara now has DSL capable of pushing 4MB of transfer and our road from Samara to Nosara is now maintained, adding much life to your car and saving about 20 minutes each trip. I am stoked to say that the next big upgrade was opened on January 27th this year and is the Autopista del Sol, a new highway running from Escazu to Orotina.
I had heard talk of the new highway, but didn't think it would do much for us here in Nosara until last Tuesday when we where headed back from San Jose and decided to try her out. It is by far the nicest road in Costa Rica, going between 2 and 4 lanes of completely perfect blacktop. From Escazu, we made it to Puntarenas in one our and five minutes. Not only does is shave about an hour off the drive, but the hour is shaves is the worst hour of driving... all the mountain, I am stuck behind some big ol'trucks, part, is now skipped! We made it to Nosara, and this is in our 1986 Land Cruiser with a top speed of 80km/h in 4 hours... and we stopped for a 30 minute lunch. 3.5 hours from my office to Cima (Escazu Mulitplaza area) in 3.5 hours. It isn't abnormal for that to take us 6 hours.
We will get betting some new directions posted in our "Getting to Nosara" page here in the next few weeks. But if you are headed our way, check out the new Highway... It is a toll road, and will run you about 4 bucks... But is saves you at least that in gas and an hour of time... No brainer! Enjoy... E.

Oh, and here is something curious about the new highway... It must be trendy to work as a toll booth money collector, as Sarah and I kept being shocked by 19-20 year old girls decked out in makeup behind the counter... not your normal 80 year old smokers back there. A welcome site, we thought...

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