If you are looking for a place in Costa Rica that is resplendent with undisturbed beauty, Atenas checks all the boxes. It is recognized by travelers the world over as being biodiverse as well as having options...

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Costa Rica is a small country that absolutely abounds in nature s glories There are volcanoes There are tropical forests There are jungles There are cloud forests There are beaches on west and east coasts In practically the center of the country is its capital San Jos and from San Jos it s easy to get to practically every other place in the country in a matter of a few hours by plane to the most remotest parts or by car And since the small town of Atenas is quite close to San Jos it really enjoys the same benefits If you take a look at a map of Atenas Costa Rica there s one thing that it won t tell you that Atenas possesses a climate that has been called the best in the world by National Geographic Magazine It s just right temperature wise during the day and at night as well

Map of Atenas Costa Rica

People who want night life or excitement can drive into San Jos for shopping or to attend a theatre or nightclub In Atenas there s mountain biking the town is nestled in the foothills of a mountain range after all and the hills which surround it are thick with coffee trees There are also fruit orchards An Atenas map will show that it has all the conveniences of a modern city but has escaped all the problems that plague huge cities whatever the country From Arenas it s only another 45 minutes to an hour to get to those Pacific coast beaches and that s quite a popular road trip Atenas Costa Rica google map

157 Properties For Sale in Atenas


130 Hectar Finca Guacimo: Immerse Yourself in Atenas' Newest Expat Haven

Atenas, Alajuela
20431 Listing ID | 321.24 Acres

Excellent Property to Develop

Atenas, Alajuela
18799 Listing ID | 45.22 Acres

Tranquil Coffee Estate with Sweeping Views - 24 Hectares in Atenas, Costa Rica

Atenas, Alajuela
20444 Listing ID | 59.31 Acres

Ideal location for an investment in one of the best areas of Atenas.

Atenas, Alajuela
15023 Listing ID | 15.35 Acres

Luxury Villa with Swimming Pool, Views & Romantic Gardens

Atenas, Alajuela
18004 Listing ID | 9 Bed | 8 Bath | 3.48 Acres

Unique Property with 7 Rental Units and Spectacular Mountain and Valley Views

Atenas, Alajuela
16586 Listing ID | 10 Bed | 10 Bath | 2.12 Acres

Breathtaking Mountain View Home for Sale

Atenas, Alajuela
19505 Listing ID | 4 Bed | 3.5 Bath | 2.4 Acres

Private Estate in Atenas Offers Resort and Sustainable Lifestyle

Atenas, Alajuela
19562 Listing ID | 4 Bed | 3.5 Bath | 2.34 Acres

Boutique Hotel Bar & Restaurant in Atenas ON SALE!

Atenas, Alajuela
14610 Listing ID | 12 Bed | 12 Bath | 0.25 Acres

Fully Furnished NEW Luxurious Residence for SALE

Atenas, Alajuela
17863 Listing ID | 4 Bed | 4.5 Bath | 1.98 Acres

Magnificent Home with 4 Bungalows and Breathtaking Views

Atenas, Alajuela
16504 Listing ID | 6 Bed | 6 Bath | 1.73 Acres

Really Nice Big House with Five Casitas.

Atenas, Alajuela
18344 Listing ID | 10 Bed | 7 Bath | 2.24 Acres

La Ecovilla Casa #30

Atenas, Alajuela
13528 Listing ID | 3 Bed | 3 Bath | 0.38 Acres

Multi-use 30 acre property less than a mile from Highway 27 and near Atenas

Atenas, Alajuela
12061 Listing ID | 30 Acres

Beautiful house in the mountains of Atenas with ocean views

Atenas, Alajuela
13967 Listing ID | 8 Bed | 8 Bath | 12.36 Acres

Canyon Paradise, Private Development Property

Atenas, Alajuela
19218 Listing ID | 8 Bed | 7 Bath | 9.48 Acres

Beautiful Property For Sale

Atenas, Alajuela
14067 Listing ID | 6 Bed | 4 Bath | 15.53 Acres

Exceptional Modern House in Roca Verde

Atenas, Alajuela
18480 Listing ID | 3 Bed | 3 Bath | 1.73 Acres

Serene Coffee Estate: 6,5 Hectares with Stunning Views in Atenas, Costa Rica

Atenas, Alajuela
20449 Listing ID | 16.06 Acres

Great house with spectacular views

Atenas, Alajuela
18609 Listing ID | 4 Bed | 3 Bath | 0.7 Acres

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