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If you’re looking for a natural retreat far enough away from bustling tourist towns, Grecia won’t disappoint. With a jewel-toned, green landscape as its backdrop, this pristine town is as quaint as it is sparkling. A shimmering steel church sits in the town center beckoning all to explore this charming mix of modern and ancient attractions.

Cathedral de la Merced looks like a brick church until you look closely and see the welding seams in between the “stones.” This impressive church was built in the late 19th century from Belgian metal and delights with its unique gothic feel.

Around the church is a beautiful park lined with trees and chirping native birds. Along the streets, you’ll find vendors of locally-produced foods and musicians. Just outside the city is a panoramic view of Poas Volcano. As the city is situated on the volcano’s slope, the altitude provides a pleasant climate for enjoying outdoor activities year-round. Not only does the city’s unique location offer magnificent views, but it also offers opportunities for exploration and discovery like no other.

With the international airport in San Jose nearby, residents can enjoy the best of both worlds: seclusion from daily stress and easy access to travel as often as they desire. Ex-pats often cite the need to get away from it all as one of their top priorities, but still want convenience for international travel and exploration. Grecia fills the bill on all counts.

Grecia is quite popular with ex-pats from all over the world and has been for many years. This means you can meet people from many countries while relaxing on a park bench, and it also means imported foods and products from a variety of cultures are available locally. Grecia restaurants boast cuisines from every culture as well as holiday festivals where you can immerse yourself in discovery.

Farming communities surround Grecia and produce some of the world’s best citrus, sugar cane, and coffees. Popular day-trips include visiting local farms and learning about rural agriculture in Costa Rica and even participating in harvesting and product preparation. Local farmers are proud to tell about the rich history of the area where their ancestors learned to grow food on the slopes of a mighty volcano.

Other popular activities include hiking to hidden waterfalls and swimming in the refreshing pools surrounding them. Others prefer bird watching, painting pictures of the lush landscape, or photographing wildlife.

If museums are your preferred diversion, be sure to visit Grecia Regional Museum filled with ancient wonders and artifacts. Reptile fans can check out World of Snakes and see more than fifty species from all over the world. More squeamish visitors may prefer to watch the gentle antics of butterflies at the Butterfly Farm just south of town.

Grecia has wonders that can only be experienced in this stunning setting and they are here waiting for you. Discover the amazing properties in Grecia, Costa Rica today! Surfing Nosara has partnered with Coldwell banker to present the most desirable luxury villas and condominiums. Our listings are carefully selected to meet your discriminating tastes.

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30 Properties For Sale in Grecia


Terreno para Desarrollar sobre Calle Principal,Ideal para Desarrollo de Vivienda

Grecia, Alajuela
11926 Listing ID | 207 Acres

Land of 37 hectares in Tacares, Grecia Alajuela, 18738

Grecia, Alajuela
18738 Listing ID | 91.46 Acres

Terreno en Puente de Piedra, Grecia Alajuela.5

Grecia, Alajuela
11921 Listing ID | 75.61 Acres

Terreno en Cataluña, Tacares en Grecia Alajuela.

Grecia, Alajuela
11920 Listing ID | 80.69 Acres

Spectacular Land to Develop in Greece, just 800 meters from Central Park

Grecia, Alajuela
11915 Listing ID | 21.54 Acres

Land in Rincón de Salas, Puente de Piedra in Grecia Alajuela. 11916

Grecia, Alajuela
11916 Listing ID | 49.5 Acres

Land in Tacares, Grecia Alajuela.10 ID 16955

Grecia, Alajuela
16955 Listing ID | 50.93 Acres

Land in Tacares, Grecia Alajuela.12. ID 16957

Grecia, Alajuela
16957 Listing ID | 39.73 Acres

Terreno en Rincón de Salas, Puente de Piedra en Grecia Alajuela.2

Grecia, Alajuela
11917 Listing ID | 36.96 Acres

Villa Stargate - Top of the Hill Estate in Strategic and Private Location

Grecia, Alajuela
09507 Listing ID | 6 Bed | 4.5 Bath | 4.52 Acres

Land in Rincón de Salas, Puente de Piedra in Grecia Alajuela.4 11919

Grecia, Alajuela
11919 Listing ID | 36.92 Acres

37 hectares for ranching or farming in great location

Grecia, Alajuela
16137 Listing ID | 91.43 Acres

Land for Sale in Grecia 14254

Grecia, Alajuela
14254 Listing ID | 20.54 Acres

Terreno en Rincón de Salas, Puente de Piedra en Grecia Alajuela.3 11918

Grecia, Alajuela
11918 Listing ID | 9.26 Acres

Land in Puente de Piedra, Grecia Alajuela.11 ID 16956

Grecia, Alajuela
16956 Listing ID | 14.6 Acres

Land in Puente de Piedra, Grecia Alajuela.6 ID 16951

Grecia, Alajuela
16951 Listing ID | 9.01 Acres

Gorgeous 3-bedroom home in fine-gated community

Grecia, Alajuela
16468 Listing ID | 3 Bed | 3 Bath | 0.49 Acres

Commercial Building in Downtown Grecia

Grecia, Alajuela
16470 Listing ID | 5 Bed | 5 Bath | 0.07 Acres

Land at a super price in Puente de Piedra Grecia.

Grecia, Alajuela
13373 Listing ID | 24.52 Acres

Beautiful Farmhouse in Greece, Alajuela.12722

Grecia, Alajuela
12722 Listing ID | 2 Bed | 8 Bath | 2.52 Acres

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