People looking to relocate to Costa Rica have no doubt heard of the magically beautiful regions of pristine nature. No doubt one of the regions most talked about is Guanacaste. With its bustling hot spots, it i...

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Guanacaste is a province of Costa Rica which features tropical dry forest a very different type of forest than the wet rainforests or cloud forests of the interior Costa Rica has a wet and dry season but in most regions the dry season isn t really dry In Guanacaste it is Many people travel to Guanacaste National Park specifically to see the Guanacaste tree come into bloom during the wet beginning of the rainy season While there are many towns in the interior of this province hotels for sale in Guanacaste Costa Rica are typically popular in the many beach resort towns that dot the Pacific coast Tourists who come for surfing or swimming in the Pacific Ocean s clear blue waters will enjoy day trips into the interior

Hotels for Sale in Guanacaste Costa Rica

The northwest coast of Costa Rica comprised of the province of Guanacaste has a handful of national parks in its interior Guanacaste National Park as already mentioned as well as the national park surrounding Rincon de la Vieja volcano the Llomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve and Palo Verde National Park In addition to the wildlife and birdlife on display in these locations there are also of course the beaches or playas that dot the coast A resort for sale in Guanacaste will typically be found in one of these beach resort towns because they are so popular with ecotourists around the world who enjoy the water activities in this region but know that Costa Rica is a carbon neutral country or at least is headed in that direction

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