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seeking ride for one or two chicas: San Jose to Nosara Jan 26th, 27th 28th?

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aloha! hit me up if you're comin into Nosara any of the above dates!


I'm attempting to arrange a ride for my gal who's coming to Nosara for a month

she has no experience driving or busing here an is a little apprehensive for the journey

so she wants me to come to San Jose and ride back with her... fun


so I may be meeting her in San Jose if I can get a ride in

(do not want to take the 52 window limo, aka da bus)

or may be not if I can get her a ride in

we can compensate with funds and/or other good stuff




om shanti

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Hey Sasha,

Let me know if you need a good transfer person. Will be glad to refer a couple over to you if you don't find someone coming those dates


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