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Casa Tucan is a surf-oriented restaurant, bar and hotel that caters to everyone who makes their way into the Guiones waves.  Located right off the main beach entrance, the Casa Tucan restaurant has an easy vibe and a staff who are glad to serve up fresh and easy food. The Surfing Nosara crew definitely recommend stopping by Casa Tucan on any Nosara area visit to pick up a pizza or scarf down a casado for a reasonable price after a good surf session.

Casa Tucan's restaurant is attached to the Billabong-sponsored surf school also housed on the grounds of the complex. Of course, the whole Casa Tucan vibe is very surfer-friendly and Surfing Nosara crew always feels right at home. Surf videos and good tunes help invite everyone in and create a chill atmosphere, and the food will fill you up without breaking the bank. Grab a seat in the big, open dining area or sit at the bar and watch some TV, but don't miss the many toucans perched on the wooden rafters of the roof.  It doesn;t matter if you just dropped in on your first wave or if you travel the world chasing the best breaks, Casa Tucan makes everyone feel right at home on the main beach in Guiones.

Prices at Casa Tucan are good, and in Nosara the deals are always appreciated. A pizza costs between eight and ten dollars, and a full plate of food in the traditional casado style averages about seven bucks. The casado comes in either chicken, pork, fish or vegetarian options. Alongside the rice and black beans comes a small side salad of iceberg lettuce and a big portion of meat – the fish casado came with two nice filets that would easily run close to twenty dollars in the US (especially right on the beach, in a resort town like Nosara).

Casa Tucan is a great place to eat for anyone from a single tired surfer to a whole hungry family. Surfing Nosara recommends everyone stop by the Toucan when at the beach in Guiones or wherever you find yourself in the Nosara area. Eat like a Costa Rican tico with a casado or order pizza and beer – you can't go wrong at Casa Tucan.

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Full Bar
Great Hangout
Great Casado Style Food

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