How to Get to Nosara, Costa Rica

This page is an overview of how to get to Nosara, Costa Rica. First, however, you need to get to Costa Rica.  You are most likely going to fly, and will be flying to San Jose, or Liberia.  There are a number of airlines that fly to San Jose, Delta, American, Taca, Martin Air, and Spirit Air.  You are a bit more limitied flying into Liberia, and will most likely be flying Delta or American. I personally like to fly Martin Air and Taca, as the staff is super nice and the plans are new. I almost always fly into San Jose as it usually saves you a lot of money and then you can hop a flight right to Nosara, super quick. For tickets I now look at travelocity or orbits, they tend to have the best prices.


Flying to Nosara from San Jose:

Once you are in Costa Rica, you will need to get to Nosara.  I used to just make the drive, but then found out how much easier it is to fly to Nosara, 45 minutes compared to 5.5 hours in a car.  Nature Air is the way to go as they have the best new twin prop planes and operate flights daily... Now that our airport in Nosara is done with the renovation (we now have a completely new runway), flying will be even easier. I also always stay at the Casa Roland in San Jose, which is right around the corner from where Nature Air flys, making my trips that much easier. You can book tickets at or through various travel agencies.

Driving to Nosara from San Jose (and Liberia):

If you aren't flying, your driving. From SanJo the drive to Nosara is in the neighborhood of 5 hours, plus or minus a hour. It is very easy to get stuck behind a few trucks and spend an hour doing 20km. I get a few emails a week about driving here, so I done hooked it up for ya'll! What follows is directions with mileage and pictures of every turn...

Coming from Liberia:

If you are coming from Liberia, it is super easy. You will hang a right out of the airport and go 60km until you get to Nicoya. You will hang a right towards Nicoya and Samara, and then follow the directions below from Nicoya. (Nature Air now flies to and from Liberia!)

From San Jose Airport:

The directions immediatly below are for the new road, the Autopista del Sol/Hwy 27, which opened in January. Depending on traffic, this road will knock off between 30 minutes to a hour of drive time to Nosara.

Directions to the Autopista del Sol from SJO Airport:

  • Once you leave the airport, follow the road straight, towards San Jose.
  • If you are renting a car, ask them to direct you towards San Jose and Escazu when you leave the lot.
  • Heading out, follow the signs to San Jose and Escazu.You will stay on this road for about 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • You will take a RIGHT at an intersection (with traffic lights)...there will be a McDonalds on the far left-hand corner (on the other side of the intersection). And, on the right side of the intersection you will see a tall blue sign that says “Universal”. This is the Autopista del Sol or Highway 27. This is a toll road and the there are a few different tolls along the way, all totaling about $3 or $4.
  • Just continue straight on the Autopista del Sol without exiting and follow the signs for Caldera and Puntarenas. Once you get to Puntarenas, the Autopista del Sol will turn into Highway 1. Once you are past Puntarenas and on Highway 1, you can follow the directions below. The next sign and turn you will look for is for “Puente La Amistad de Taiwan”.

The first photo of these directions is for the other route from the SJO airport. After the Autopista del Sol turns into Hwy 1 in Puntarenas, you will follow the directions/photos below to get to Nosara, starting with the second photo for Puente La Amistad de Taiwan. 

From the Interational Airport in San Jose... You will need to get on Calle 1 towards San Ramon. Follow the signs it is pretty easy.

You will stay on Calle 1 for 124km (78 miles) until you get to the signs below. You will hang a left towards the Puente.

You will go over the Taiwan bridge until the road comes to a T which is the picture below. This leg is 48km (30miles) Hang a Right at the T towards Nicoya and Nosara.

The next main intersection you will come to will be the pic below. It is 13km (8 miles). You will hang a left at the flashing light.

You then follow that road right through Nicoya. On the left about a km after the turn there is a gas station on the left and a great little tico lunch/breakfast stop, super cheap and good. Follow this road until you come to another T, and are looking at the store below. 13 km (8 miles). Hang a Right.

Follow this road for 19km (12 miles) until you pass the gas station on the left. This is your last stop for good gas and I recommend filling up (they only take cash, about 5 bucks a gallon). About 100m after the station you will hang a right on where on a dirt road. There are signs to Nosara.

At this point you should slow down and start paying attention. There are many places where the roads are washed out, or very narrow one way bridges are around blind corners. About every third drive I seen someone crashed. Follow this road for 8 km (5 miles), it seems like so much longer, until you come to another T shown below, and hang a right.

You are now only 12km from Nosara!  Keep driving until you see the sign below... At this sign you are less than a km from my office, and the beach, drop by and say hola...