Celebrating 25th of July Guanacaste Day in Nosara

Guanacaste day, the 25th of July is a Costa Rican holiday celebrating the annexation of the Guanacaste province to Costa Rica. Surfing Nosara went to Garza, where people gathered, schools and streets filled out with happy and colorfully dressed Guanacastecos to celebrate their freedom. Read more about this special holiday and check out some photos on this blog!

Another great edition of Sabor de Nosara

July 8th, 2018, it was another great year for Sabor de Nosara. We had great weather and a fantastic turnout! It was amazing to see all the restaurants, businesses, residents and visitors that supported this tremendous event. With that, we support the Nosara Security Association and the Nosara Bomberos (i.e. Fire Department). After months of preparation, the event went very smoothly. We owe special thanks to the group of volunteers who worked very hard to make it happen. Read on to learn more about this event and the groups that it supports.

Help BarriGuiones make Playa Guiones even Greener!

Help BarriGuiones make Playa Guiones even Greener! 

Almost 31% of the land area on our planet is a forest. It produces vital oxygen, food, fresh water, and shelter for people and wildlife. Forests also play a critical role in and contribute to ongoing changes in climate patterns. However, forests around the world are under threat from deforestation. This impacts people’s livelihoods and threatens a wide range of plant and animal species. We’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests per year! 

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