The southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is as close to paradise as one can get. Golfito is a perfect example of this. In addition to being a surfer’s dream with the accompanying laidback vibe, it also has all...

Golfito Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Why do people come to Golfito Costa Rica Well tourism and sports fishing are the main draws People fly into San Jos International Airport and then they can take a bus or drive to Golfito Most people it must be admitted elect to fly It can take several hours to get to Golfito by auto and only a couple of hours to get there by plane Golfito located on the southern edge of Costa Rica near the border with Panama has its own airport Homes for sale in Golfito Costa Rica can be found throughout its neighborhoods with views overlooking the bay or opening onto Golfito mountain or the forests surrounding the city

Homes for Sale in Golfito Costa Rica

Most tourists who come to Golfito do so for the sport fishing Golfito overlooks a small gulf which opens up into the wider gulf called Golfo Dulce There s all sorts of water sports available here kayaking and surfing or just lazimg on a beach However the interior of the country is accessible as well and Piedra Blancas National Park is a popular draw Golfito homes are purchased by folks who choose to join the relatively large expatriate community here as well as by people who wish to settle in this laid back and peaceful region or by those who are looking for a great home to come to on vacation

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