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Harmony Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica

USD $ 210 - 560 per night

The delicate balance of elemental forces seems to be the key to all of the perfection in our world.  Like the beauty and tranquility that naturally flows from the points where waves crash into the shore, there is a wonderful unity formed only through combinations of diverse energies.  While this part of Costa Rica embraces such an equation more than most other places on the globe, some spots in our area are particularly beautiful and special.  Surfing Nosara feels that the Harmony Hotel and resort complex is one of the most vital sites of these perfectly combined forces in all of Costa Rica.

Harmony unites luxury and nature in a gentle, organic way.  The stone stepping path skips through expertly-manicured gardens and topiary that rival the finest resorts worldwide.  The resort vibe is a retro-ritmo feel revolving around classic latin themes and embracing 70s luxury chic.  The pool area is one of the most original and tropical in all of the Nosara area, and the restaurant envelops even walk-in visitors with the finest service and excellent food.  The smooth bars serve stiff drinks and make a guest feel as if they stepped into a classic Brazilian action film.

Surfing Nosara rates Harmony Hotel resort as Double Overhead (DO), the highest designation possible.  The traveler who seeks luxury and the healing power of harmony certainly could not find better accommodations than this resort, owned and maintained by heirs to the Johnson & Johnson Corporation.  There is great care given to every inch of this resort, and it shows in every way possible.



FROM $210/night - One King size bed