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Beach Dog Cafe - Nosara, Costa Rica

While the Nosara area boasts good waves, a healthy tropical vibe and tons of dining options, this small and close-knit beach community definitely was missing something. Visitors flock to see the beautiful beach atmosphere and hang with howler monkeys and tropical birds in yoga class, or walk down jungle paths alongside skittering iguanas – so Nosara and Guiones have plenty of Costa Rica’s wild animals. Almost every night live music and cool libations flow from some hot spot, so Nosara and Guiones have the nightlife. No, what this place was missing for so long was a place to get good food for great prices right near the beach – and this summer Café Beach blasted off and never looked back. Finally, we got that missing piece to our picture-perfect puzzle.

Already a Surfing Nosara favorite pretty much as soon as they opened their doors, Café Beach seems to have perfected their name as a beachside café catering to the community. Residents and visitors both spend tons of time right on the beach in Guiones, and Café Beach took over a spot directly next to the main beach entrance. They are the first place you come upon when you leave the water in Guiones. Knowing this, Café Beach decided to create a menu that would please every member of the family and never break your budget. Excellent sandwiches or wraps, fruit smoothies and fresh-baked breads and treats entice the surfer fresh out of the water, while dozens of value-menu items priced as low as a dollar will put some food in everyone’s hands no matter how big your family runs.

The meats are slow-cooked and sliced fresh – no cold cuts here. Roast beef, turkey and chicken alongside all the fixins between a fresh-baked roll runs just under five dollars and are a Surfing Nosara must-have. Burritos cost about the same and are filling and tasty, too. Muffins and rice-krispie treats fresh from the oven cost about a dollar, and the rest of the dollar menu is filled with tasty snacks and drinks. Huge breakfast burritos fill you up until lunch with fresh ingredients for less than four bucks. Drinks and food here is excellent, and by far the cheapest in town.

Café Beach is in business solely to benefit this community, and the owners truly believe in the community and the people who make the Nosara area such a special place. Restaurant veterans and believers in the yin and yang flow to life, Joe and Chris have worked hard to open a business that is an asset to the area as well as a great deal for everyone who visits their popular café. Café Beach not only hired their own people for their restaurant but also kept the employees from the previous restaurant in order to keep those families afloat and spread the love. Prices are low because they want to be a place everyone can afford to come back and enjoy time and time again. Surfing Nosara loves the way Café Beach loves Guiones, and we want to show some love back to them.

Café Beach is right on the water and right on the price. On top of those two big positive factors, the food is really good too. Surfing Nosara is glad to welcome Café Beach into the rotation of places we visit weekly, and it is a place we will definitely take all of our family and visitors to as well. Guiones and the Nosara area may have been pretty close to perfect before Café Beach opened, but now we here at Surfing Nosara are glad to know our town is just that much better.